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March 2023 Diploma Business Support BONUS

Book in March
Receive a free Business Support package!
(worth over £200)

This offer applies to the following Diplomas::
March 2023 Webcast Fast-Track (starts March 23rd)
March Online Diploma (intake until 15th March)
April Online Diploma (until 1st April)

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What's in the Business Support Package?

The Business Support package builds on the strong business support already offered in the Diploma with three additional elements:
Bonus 1: FREE Business Planning Webinar
Bonus 2: FREE Marketing Webinar
Bonus 3: Two hours of FREE 1-to-1 business coaching

Bonus #1
FREE Business Planning Webinar

(90 minutes – recorded webinar)
This is an incredible webinar that will revolutionise the way you think about your future business.

Inspiring, empowering, liberating and immensely practical, it's informed by Mark Austin's extensive experience as a business entrepreneur and then 15 years as a business and executive coach. Do not miss it.

Bonus #2
FREE Professional Marketing Webinar!

With Kate Mayor, Mark Davis and Marilyn Jarman (2 hours of marketing tips, discussion and advice).

Kate and Marilyn are marketing professionals turned hypnotherapists. Together we review all the key factors (and mistakes) in setting up your new therapy business, building a website and starting a successful practice. Packed with tips, information and hard-earned wisdom.

Bonus #3
FREE: two hours of 1-to-1 business coaching with one of our tutor-coaches!

This is what really makes the difference – getting personal focused business support and someone making sure you follow through and complete on your plan!

Each of our tutor-coaches specialised in supporting newly trained therapists build their careers have taken the training, have the qualification and are successfully in practice as private hypnotherapists (Hypno-CBT® therapists). They have walked the path – and will help you to do the same.

PLUS – lots of business support for you already included!
There's a LOT of business support in the professional membership hub that is included already!

Monthly Business Coaching
– Once a month professional business coach Mark Austin holds a “Walk-in Business Surgery” – come in, take the hot-seat and get 20 minutes of high octane super focused coaching, or watch others go through the process.

Monthly Business Start Up Webinars
– Once a month Celia Griver, a very successful and established hypnotherapist, shares tips and advice on how to get started.

Next Steps – all 28!
– The 28 steps you need to take get your business started. This is covered in the Diploma

Goal setting
– Part of the training includes setting your own goals for getting the qualification and seeing your first paying client (we have you set the date and time!)

Overcoming what's holding you back: fears, doubts, hesitancy
– We encourage you to use your own issues about opening a hypnotherapy practice as the issues to work with during classroom practical exercises.

Problem Solving training for your business challenges
– Problem Solving Hypnotherapy is a key part of the course curriculum. Based on Problem Solving Therapy (Nezu & D'Zurilla), it is a highly effective way at look at issues and how you are stuck.
Treating all of your “business issues” with a problem solving mindset will be a powerful (essential?) tool for your success.

Community Support
– Lots of community support, advice and articles in our Professional Hub.

This offer applies to the following Diplomas::
March 2023 Webcast Fast-Track (starts March 23rd)
March Online Diploma (intake until 15th March)
April Online Diploma (until 1st April)