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The following are the dates of our upcoming workshops.

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Workshops with Mark Davis

Self-Hypnosis Workshop (Open to public + CPD for Therapists)

[tribe_events_list category=”self-hypnosis-workshop”]

Smoking Cessation MasterClass (CPD for Therapists only)

[tribe_events_list category=”smoking-cessation-masterclass-workshop”]

Insomnia Workshop (Open to public + CPD for Therapists)

[tribe_events_list category=”hypno-cbt-for-insomnia-workshop”]

CBT/CBH Workshops with Daniel Mirea

Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia with Daniel Mirea

[tribe_events_list category=”panic-attacks-&-panic-disorder-workshop”]

Assessment & Conceptualisation in CBT & CBH with Daniel Mirea

[tribe_events_list category=”assessment-and-conceptualisation-in-cbt-workshop”]

The Cure for Perfectionism (CBT/CBH for Perfectionism) – with Daniel Mirea

[tribe_events_list category=”cbt-for-perfectionism-workshop”]

Integrative CBT for Depression Course (Mindfulness, Hypnosis & CBT) – with Daniel Mirea (3 day course)

[tribe_events_list category=”integrative-cbt-for-depression-2020″]

Evidence Based Approaches to PTSD with Daniel Mirea

[tribe_events_list category=”evidence-based-approaches-to-ptsd-workshop”]

Addictive Behaviours (Substances, Gambling & Sex) with Daniel Mirea

[tribe_events_list category=”changing-addictive-behaviours-workshop”]

Low Mood and Low Self-Esteem with Daniel Mirea

[tribe_events_list category=”low-self-esteem-workshop”]

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