Meditation and Mindfulness

Articles about mindfulness and meditation.

‘Mindful learning’ – transforming life-long learning

Perfectionism – the real challenge Exam performance and school league tables. They seem to be the key driver now for our primary and secondary education system – the need to deliver results. Unfortunately, this ill-prepares young people for a future of good mental health and well-being, let alone for university or life-long learning. Students  effectively […]

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Taking care of yourself over Christmas – by Lauren Williams

“You get to have the Christmas you choose. You do not have to let your own, society’s or your family’s expectations shape what you value.” After graduating with the CBH Diploma in July this year, Lauren Williams has started a successful private practice. She has recently published her tips on surviving Christmas pressure and expectations, […]

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Identifying and Helping with Eco-anxiety

What is eco-anxiety? Little did I expect, when I trained as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, that my background in ecology and environmental policy would cross over so directly into my therapy practice. But the rising tide of ‘eco-anxiety’ means I am seeing an increasing presentation of this form of anxiety in my clinic.  And particularly […]

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The Hypno-CBT® Toolbox: 35 different therapy techniques

In talking with other hypnotherapists and psychotherapists it’s clear that many have only a small range of techniques and interventions to draw upon.  We believe it’s important that hypnotherapists and psychotherapists have a wide range of interventions (treatment elements) to draw upon to create tailored and flexible treatment plans for each client. Here’s the current list of […]

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Mindfulness, Metacognition and Hypnosis

In 2006, Steven Jay Lynn collaborated with the Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das, and two other researchers, in an attempt to explore the possibility of combining elements of Buddhist mindfulness meditation practice, cognitive therapy, and hypnosis, drawing on recent research in cognitive psychology. This post briefly summarises and comments upon their article.

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