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A Webinar with Mark R. Davis

About the webinar

In this engaging webinar Mark introduces you to the modern approach to hypnosis, explains what hypnosis actually is and then takes you into an experience of hypnosis.

Mark then unpacks that experience you can see exactly how hypnosis works and how to get better at “going into hypnosis” and responding to suggestions.

We then look at hypnosis vs meditation and note the differences – and similarly we look at the relationship between hypnosis and relaxation.

We then look further at the ways in which hypnosis can be applied and what the research says in terms of effectiveness of hypnosis.

And then we take a look at the particular model that is taught at the College – the cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy model; the integration of hypnosis with CBT and mindfulness.

Then we look at how to get started in terms of the training, getting the qualification and then finally the opportunities as a qualified cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist.

You can watch the first 10 minutes without registering and then you are asked to register to watch the full webinar.

About the author | Mark R. Davis

Mark is a therapist, trainer, meditation teacher – and a leader in developing the integration of hypnosis with cognitive behavioural psychotherapy approaches. As Director and Principal of The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, he is at the forefront of evidence-based hypnotherapy training – and is also very involved in the the integration of yoga and non-dual philosophy into Western Psychotherapy.