What People Say about the UK College
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“The course provides an excellent, well-informed and broad basis for practising cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy in a professional and effective manner. I highly recommend it.” – Professor Karen Carr PhD, Professor of Psychology at Cranfield University.

“One of the most amazing experiences ever! Really professional and informative” – Scott Oxlade

“This course is top notch, and has prepared me well for working with clients in the USA – much better training than any on offer from NGH [The National Guild of Hypnotists]” – Dr Ruth Naylor

“All three stages of the Diploma course were presented to a very high level and have given me a rounded knowledge base to be able to effective enter practice as a therapist. This is not your average course and is in a league of its own” – Dave Philps, South Africa

“In my opinion Evidence-Based Learning is the only way to establish clear results and gives confidence that what and how you teach clients will have the maximum effect. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in hypnotherapy.” – Andrea Dwyer, North London

“What did I like best about the course? There was good rapport from the first day. The course is well structured. Lots of opportunity the practice the theory and works with lots of different people. The depth of knowledge of the presenter – and it all presented in a relaxed manner.”  – Cameron, Colchester, former business manager, now retraining as a hypnotherapist.

“The tutor was passionate about his subject. One of the best courses I have been on! So informative”– Dei Studman, Sports Coach, Wales


“I chose this course due to the clear website and the fact that the emails I received were extremely helpful elaborating on what I asked and also very friendly. Responses were also very fast and reassuring. I have really enjoyed the course and felt my confidence has grown enormously through the week. I have understood and learnt so much in just seven days and I can’t wait for the Smoking Cessation workshop and the Stage 2 and Stage 3 courses. Thank you so very much.”   Suzy Kedge, hairdresser, Wales(retraining as a hypnotherapist)

“I really enjoyed the scientific approach to the subject and the fact that this was very diverse,  allowing for a lot of debate and discussion. There was a good balance between theory and practice.”   – Dave Philp, South Africa

“What did I like best? The emphasis on practical experience of hypnosis. Ensuring that each practical was experienced by each of us both as therapist and as a client. Also Mark’s engaging style – he managed not to lose my attention or interest despite being the only tutor in a heavy week-long training programme.–  Dr Eleni Skordaki, Lawyer

“The group exercises and one-on-one exercises were very helpful and important instilling a sense of personal confidence and understanding of the process of hypnosis. Excellent presentation of materials. I liked the use of evidence-based data and interventions. Good variety of methods used to learn materials – videos, books etc. I found the presenter, Mark, to be knowledgeable, approachable and likeable.”– Mentwab, BPS Counselling Psychologist

I liked the way information was conveyed to the group, such as the timing, how although the group contained professional psychologists and people with a deeper knowledge of psychological problems, it was not allowed to steer away to a deeper level which would have taken quality time from the course in hand, and although a novice with hypnotherapy I felt at ease with the subject.”– Barbara Powie, Cardiff, (retraining as a hypnotherapist)

“I liked the course structure – a good mixture of lecture and student participation – and also the intensive week format rather than staggered dates.”– Emmy, psychotherapist, London

“I liked the mix of practical and theory. The building of confidence and skills through the schedule of exercises and evidence that it works, that we can do this. I also liked the opportunity to discuss certain concepts further. Things were presented in a way that was easy to understand, good mix of using different approaches to explain concepts – also the structure of the course, using feedback captured from the exercises.”   – Kirstine Ward, Project Manager, London

“I’m a psychiatrist from Turkey. I came here to understand what is happening with the combination of CBT and hypnotherapy. When I arrived here I met Mark, I liked him. He’s a good teacher. He teaches very well. And he’s also a knowledgeable person. So I’d recommend to people who want to learn about hypnotherapy and CBT in combination that you attend this course.”
– Dr Attila Soykan, Psychiatrist

“The course content and pace suited me personally. I also chose the course based on the professionalism of presentation, and the knowledge and non-arrogance of Mark – which has been sustained throughout. In other courses I have taken this has been lacking. Any comments or questions from students are dealt with courteously, knowledgeably and patiently. Nothing is dismissed – everything is treated as valid. Excellent approach!”  – Alison Carney, Logistics Manager (retraining as hypnotherapist)

“I liked the amount of exercises we did which helped me a lot to gain confidence that I really can do it! The videos used were good. I’m very happy with the course overall.”Priscilla Gemperle, Engineer, Switzerland

“Everything done was great. I liked the pendulum exercise and also the arm levitation hypnosis. I liked the venue and the croissants!  I like the respect you and Fabienne showed the class. I am not used to such nice teachers. I LOVE HYPNOSIS!  Thank you for a great experience.”  – Sophia Tesentedes.

“I liked the focus on practicing the skills we were learning about – it has made me feel confident in putting what I’ve learnt into practice. I also thought the size of the group was just right.”– Georgie J-P, Lawyer, London

“I liked the content of the course and all the exercises. The other students were great, nice group and dynamic.”– Michaella Leclear, professional translator, (retraining as a hypnotherapist)

“I liked the practical session as this gave us an opportunity for practice. Plus lots of interaction and discussion which makes the content much easier to understand.”– Gillian Wingard, Sales Manager, North London (retraining as a hypnotherapist)

“Very happy with the structure of the course and the content – and I found Mark to be knowledge in the course material and his delivery was both concise and in depth.”  – Mercedes, London

“I liked the practical session and the enthusiasm for hypnotherapy that the trainer has! It’s crucial!”   – Maggi, Administrator, London (retraining to be a hypnotherapist)

“I really liked Mark’s enthusiasm, kindness, humour and wisdom. I’m rapidly becoming a fan. The manual – wow.. what a lot is here!  Really appreciate the expertise and experience that has gone into creating this for us.”  – Gillian, London

“I had the pleasure of being trained by Mark in 2011 when hypnosis was very new to me.  Since then I have attended countless training courses by many famous trainers in the areas of Hypnosis, business and personal development, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, T Harv Eker and Shelia Granger, to name a few, but what Mark taught me in two days has stuck with me and forms a basis for much of my work with clients.  His passion for his subject and calm teaching manner makes for a very compelling training experience.  I am in no doubt that the insights he gave me have been invaluable to my success as a business owner and coach today.”

 – Adam Parvitt, Executive Business Coach, Co-Founder Newleafes Limited


“Mark taught part of the training. His knowledge and wisdom had a huge impact on my decisions about the kind of practitioner I decided to become. I find him to be very personable, engaging, warm, bright and hugely articulate.  I have no hesitation to recommend clients to see him in private practice or to undertake training with him.” – Sarah Collier, hypnotherapist,www.sarahcollier.co.uk

“I was impressed with Mark’s enthusiasm for both hypnotherapy and for teaching when he trained on a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy course I attended. So I later sought his help with one-to-one training in treating insomnia. His professional and detailed knowledge of the subject was greatly impressive, and he provided detailed and helpful resources as well as a great deal of encouragement. It was worth travelling from Estonia for that one day of one-to-one training.”
 – Martin Langrom, Clinical Hypnotherapist, www.hypnoterapeut.ee


“I had the pleasure of being taught by Mark Davis in 2010. He gave us some wonderful insights to the way we mindlessly view and react to the outside world. I gained much profound knowledge from his mindfulness class that I often still refer back to years later. Mark has a really warm, kind and approachable manner. He is very professional and completely committed to the evidence-based approach of hypnotherapy. Don could not have left the college in better, or more capable, hands! I am truly delighted for him as he embarks on the next step of his career. It is well-deserved. Congratulations, Mark, and thanks again for your memorable lectures.”
– Alyson Dunlop, Hypnotherapist in Glasgow

“I thoroughly recommend this training, it’s excellent.”
– Vanessa, Hypnotherapist, Surrey

“What I liked most were the effective ways to get to a rapid hypnosis/relaxation state. I think this will be very effective in helping me to achieve more integration in my life.”
– Ulrike, Doctor of Psychiatry, SE London

 “It’s such a wonderful, comprehensive course. I love everything from the course material to the wonderful and warm environment to learn. You inspire your students, coach them, make us believe we are really hypnotherapists.”  – Loubaina, Hypnotherapist, Egypt

“Thank you, for a fantastic course. I feel I learned more about the possibilities and potential of self-hypnosis than I would through books alone… I particularly enjoyed participation in the actual inductions… Thanks once again for an excellent course. I can now go into self-hypnosis very easily thanks to you.” – Steve, IT Consultant, North London

“This course surpassed other practitioner training that I have received.”  – Ronald, Buckinghamshire 

“Best thing I’ve ever done, and I’m a DJ :-)” – Eugene, Musician, London

“An excellent and stimulating course.  Well presented.  The other courses I’ve done just paled into insignificance.” – Pattie, Hypnotherapist, Cornwall 

“Set up very well, covers a lot of ground. Particularly enjoyed the group hypnosis.”
– Dietrich, Stockbroker, London 

“Excellent and very comprehensive with a good variety of different subjects and techniques covered.”  – Jessica, Accountant, London 

“An intellectual feast!  Evidence-based techniques combined with profound philosophy.  An ingenious combination of theory and practice.” – Stephen, Hypnotherapist, Bristol

“The delivery, overview and content of the course far exceeded expectations.  Inspiring and illuminating, yet realistic.”. – Gordon, Psychiatric Nurse, Glasgow

“I liked the philosophical grounding of course -empirical.  No crystal-waving nonsense.  Great course; great course material.”  (Christian, Trader, North London)

“I liked the whole balance between active participation and theory. The range of information covered was immense and very welcome.” (Vanessa, Stress Management Consultant, Surrey)

“I went to the Self-Hypnosis meeting on Sunday and would like to say that it was an excellent course. I’ve done some Hypnosis before, but have never used physical anchors. I’ve been using the ‘true self’ anchor a lot, getting really cool waves of happiness and peace… thank you for such a useful, life affirming meeting!”  (Pam, Therapist, London)

“I enjoyed the philosophical thinking behind the approach, the general nature, avoiding any particular school of thought!”  (Andy, Press Photographer, East London)

“Great interaction with everyone. Great balance of theory and practical application.”
(Jim, Fitness Trainer, Berkshire)

“What I like the most was that you made it accessible (jargon free) to a wide range of people, and your practical approach.”  (Phil, Management Consultant, Hants.)

“I really enjoyed participating your seminar. It was new to me that real Hypnosis sessions are very different to stage hypnotism and can actually help people to cope with their problems in life. I believe that workshops like this can change the often bad reputation of hypnosis and show its relevance and effectiveness. Your nice booklet was also very helpful. It was very interesting to see how people put themselves into Self-Hypnosis. I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to participate in this event… I particularly enjoyed noticing that I can get hypnotised, and doing the tests and noticing the results.”  (Natalie, Journalism Student, London)

“I enjoyed the simple self-hypnotic induction -the centre-point of the day. I did not know what to expect but I leave eager to explore more.”  (Nick, Electronics Worker, Salisbury)

“It was great! I enjoyed all the inductions, especially the anchoring at the end. Very cool.”
(Mark, Hypnotherapist, North London)

“I was at your Self-Hypnosis workshop on Sunday afternoon and I must say that thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks for delivering such an interesting and enjoyable workshop. I have already recommended the afternoon to some of my friends. I have been interested in learning more about Hypnotherapy for some time and hope to have a total career change. Having attended your workshop, this has made me even more keen to learn more.”  (Odette, Hypnosis Enthusiast, London)

“What I liked the most were the explanations of self-hypnosis, simple, direct exercises, and informative information given in an interesting and fun manner.”  (Alison, Translator, London)

“I particularly enjoyed the analysis and explanation of the nature of Hypnosis.”
(Stephanie, Journalist, East London)



Chris Beale

“Really helped me to debunk myths about hypnotherapy and increased my confidence in it’s therapeutic utility”

Chris Beale
Psychologist (Australia)

Dr Attila Soykan

“I’m a psychiatrist from Turkey. I came here to learn about the combination of CBT and hypnotherapy. When I arrived here I met Mark, I liked him – he teaches very well, and he’s also a knowledgeable person. So I’d recommend to people who want to learn about hypnotherapy and CBT in combination that you attend this course.”

Dr Attila Soykan
Psychiatrist (Turkey)

Lydia Bogert

“All of the knowledge presented was so relevant, engaging and intellectually stimulating – and I know will prove invaluable in my life in general and most specifically when I open my therapy practice.

I highly recommend everyone take this course, whether you have a background in hypnosis or not, whether you intend a practice or not, all of the information and practical skills developed in this course are essential life skills. Everyone should understand the workings and power of their own mind.”

Lydia Bogert
HypnoBirthing Practitioner

Gia Belloni

“So much more than I was expecting. Not only helpful for my future practice also a pretty transformational experience for me! (And this is just Stage 1). The teaching style is superb. I loved the focus on practical application – Mark always brought it back from “academia” to “how will you use this as a therapist?”.  I am genuinely so pleased to have found this course.
The agenda for each day was also excellently paced. Really can’t praise it enough.
Very impressed and pleased I signed up. Thank you.”
Gia Belloni

Caroline Linton

Stage 1

“An excellent course confirming that I will pursue this area of practice.  I thoroughly enjoyed the week, appreciating the balance of theory and practice. I plan to use hypnotherapy and look forward to attending Stage 2 soon. Excellent teaching style, building positive learning experience each day.”

Caroline Linton MB ChB, MRCPsych
Retired Doctor and Psychiatrist

Anna Powell

“The script writing exercise alone was worth the price of the whole course!

Recommend this to anyone interesting in training as a hypnotherapist – also I’d recommend it to anyone interested in working with other people therapeutically – or anyone who just wants to be blown away with new understandings!”

Anna Powell DTP, DHP

Pavel Promopic

“Evidence-based, rational, pragmatic, serious, common-sense. Intelligent approach. Mark is an excellent, very engaging instructor.”

Pavel Promopic
PhD Researcher

Jacqueline Charles

“The two days have been an in-depth, informative, educational, inspirational journey.

I feel really positive about being a new non-smoker following this training. The course has given be practical tools to help support myself and others in the future. I have been shocked at the facts and very grateful I have found this specific training module.

I would highly recommend this workshop as it is so comprehensive and offers bare facts and practical tools to become a great therapist and support oneself and others to live a longer, happier and healthier life. Thank you!”

Jacqueline Charles
Maitre D'

Rowanne MacKie

“Excellent course – I’d thoroughly recommend to any clinical hypnotherapist who wants to create a thorough, bespoke training package to enhance their practice. CBH, evidence-based approach to smoking cessation taught with knowledge and generosity by Mark.”

Rowanne MacKie MNCS (Acc), MAREBT, HPD, MNCH (Reg), GCHP
Cognitive Behavioural Therpist, CB Hypnotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Kevan Laybourn

“Another great, interesting, useful and really well-delivered course – thanks so much. Looking forward to putting into practice,

I would recommend this workshop to others without reservation – it was excellent! I’d strongly recommend this workshop to anyone in practice with an interest in delivering smoking cessation programmes.”

Kevan Laybourn
Emergency Care Practitioner/Specialist Paramedic Practitioner

Frank Canavan

“Excellent theoretical foundations allied to very good practical and practice sessions.”

Frank Canavan
Psychologist (Canada)

Deborah Mends

“I have been struck again and again at the level of quality of this training when I see what else is out there.

I really believe this is the best hypnotherapy training out there.”

Deborah Mends
Life coach and consultant

Harriet Brand

“I discovered and continue to learn more and more about myself. I continue to be astounded by how much continued practicals have helped me.

This course teaches you not only how to be a therapist but how to be a better version of yourself, how to be a better human – making you a better therapist.”

Harriet Brand

Scott Oxlade

“The detail and information given was precise and able to be used in a  professional context.

The course was very professional and helpful for a novice starting their own practice. Detailed and practical. I loved it all!”

Scott Oxlade

Carolyne Ash-Brazier

“Mark’s energy and dedication makes the material easy and enjoyable to learn and digest.

Such a wonderful and knowledgable course. I’ve learnt so much.”

Carolyne Ash-Brazier

Monica Miskelly

“I have found the course so interesting, educational and challenging (in a positive, self-development way). I feel that I have grown as a person, becoming more self-aware with a stronger ability to help others.

A brilliant course that I would recommend to everyone – extremely enjoyable and interesting.”

Monica Miskelly

Emma Seymour

“I chose to take the workshop because low self esteem is so pervasive and debilitating – I wanted it to build on my skills.

It’s a fantastic course: really informative, Daniel is great. It’s a fascinating and important topic. So glad I could come, thank you.”

Emma Seymour
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Diana Randall

“A very full and comprehensive workshop with a wealth of materials.”

Diana Randall

Andrew Kenny

“A very logical and well-explained treatment rationale. Excellent knowledge base. Evidence based. Use of objective measures.”

Andrew Kenny
Neurological Occupational Therapist

Angelica Amarande

“One of the most high-quality courses I’ve seen here in the UK. One word to describe the course – professional.”

Angelica Amarande
Junior Doctor

Paul Davies

“Mark’s charisma and presence made the course totally relatable, understandable, accessible and instilled desire to proceed in my profession.

The course is evidence-based, professional and demystifies the profession – it instils self-efficacy in the person.”


Paul Davies
Assistant Psychologist in the NHS

Tim Grigsby

“I enjoyed both days very much – it was very informative and I learned a lot, as well as gaining some new ideas about smoking cessation therapy and how I will move forward.”

Tim Grigsby
Shipwright, Inventor and Engineer

Martin Langrom

“I was impressed with Mark’s enthusiasm for both hypnotherapy and for teaching when he trained on a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy course I attended. So I later sought his help with one-to-one training in treating insomnia. His professional and detailed knowledge of the subject was greatly impressive, and he provided detailed and helpful resources as well as a great deal of encouragement. It was worth travelling from Estonia for that one day of one-to-one training.”

Martin Langrom

Professor Karen Carr

“The course provides an excellent, well-informed and broad basis for practising cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy in a professional and effective manner. I highly recommend it.”

Karen Carr
Professor of Psychology at Cranfield University

Silva Atamian

“Thank you for all the facts, figures, materials and studies provided. The motivation and momentum that this workshop was taught with was inspiring.

I would definitely recommend this workshop to others – the flow of the course was excellent, and we were given all the extra materials we asked for. A huge (and sensitive) topic very well packaged.”

Silva Atamian

Dionysios Drapela

“I liked the atmosphere and the way Mark explained things both literally and graphically – it was very interesting. It was very eye-opening and insightful.”

Dionysios Drapela

Dr Rosie Freedman

“I liked the variety of comprehensive materials given to use in practice, as well as hearing core examples of how the programme works in practice.

I would definitely recommend this workshop to others interested in delivering smoking cessation – it’s a very good and comprehensive workshop that can be put into practice very quickly.”

Rosie Freedman DPsych, CPsychol

Sharlene Raston

“I found it a fantastic course and truly enjoyed the knowledgable lectures that appeared to hold a strong position on the theories they teach which helped me understand the theories in more depth.

I would recommend this course as it is very rich, covers important topics and I truly believe it has provided me with the strongest and biggest step into becoming a therapist.

I came all the way from Mozambique to do this course and I am highly excited to have come to the realisation that I have made the best choice I could have possible made. I feel more knowledgable, much more confident, and am looking forward to stages 2 and 3.”

Sharlene Raston
Client Service Manager

Robert Coates

“I enjoyed the clear and concise approach of the course, the fact that professionalism in the practice was constantly encouraged, and the sources to back up what is taught. I also liked the self-hypnosis exercises (so you can experience yourself what you will do with clients) as well as the positive, hard-working atmosphere.

A lot of information is covered that encourages confidence in the exercises for yourself and clients.”

Robert Coates
Medical Secretary/Part-time BA student

Adrian Giles

Stage 1:

“The way the information is presented both by the tutors and the manual is excellent. I also liked the relaxed atmosphere in the ‘classroom’.

I found the scripts very beneficial and relevant to the role I hope to occupy soon. The course is very well presented in every way, exactly what I was hoping for as a novice.”

Stage 2:

“It was very professionally presented, thorough and enjoyable.”


Adrian Giles

Amanda Taylor

“The balance of practicals, lectures and discussion is just right – there’s lots of practical work. I liked that we were immersed in techniques from day one. All elements of the course were extremely beneficial in equal measure.

I would recommend this course to others because its teaching of evidence-based therapy is delivered so well, with informative content, theoretically and practically. Mark is a fabulous trainer and infectious in his enthusiasm.

I have learnt skills and gained confidence to take forward to stages 2 and 3 and into my own practice (note the confidence in that statement!)”

Amanda Taylor

Akita Duggan

“There is nothing I have not liked about the course. It has been fantastic in every way and even exceeded my expectations. It was detailed, intense, personal with a perfect group of people – the best thing I have ever done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Akita Duggan

Tim Grigsby

Stage 1:

“I enjoyed the whole experience but particularly the first practical session when I discovered I could do it! I also enjoyed the structure of the course that build the pieces of the jigsaw then brings everything together to achieve an overall understanding. This, for me, is essential and has been very rewarding. Full marks for an engaging, informed and positive experience. Bring on stages 2 and 3!”

Stage 2:

“It was very informative, and although I can’t compare directly as I have never done an alternate course, my gut feeling is this is ‘the one’. This would also be evidenced by the high number of professionals attending from all over the world!”

Tim Grigsby
Shipwright, Inventor and Engineer

Michelle White

“I have really enjoyed the course. The structure, substance and information has been excellent. The delivery by the tutors and helpers has been a real asset. It was informative, well delivered, professional – everything that I had been looking for in a hypnotherapy course.

If you are intending to do or thinking about doing a course in hypnotherapy I would certainly give this course my approval and endorse it totally.”

Michelle White

William Sheate

“Better than my expectations – thank you!

The CBT integration with hypnosis gives practical tools and techniques to put straight into use.”

William Sheate, PhD
Academic (Reader, Imperial College London) and Technical Director

Caroline Linton

Stage 2

“The course was excellent overall. It covered a great deal with really valuable experience learning. It was great to put theory I learnt years ago into practice.

I would highly recommend this course – it’s broad-based, evidence-based, confidence-building and good fun. Excellent resources are provided as well as signposting to further reading, with a manageable bite-sized choice of topics.”

Caroline Linton MB ChB, MRCPsych
Retired Doctor and Psychiatrist

Elizabeth Floyer

“There was in-depth theory and lots of references to follow up on, as well as lots of practicals and opportunities to discuss and evaluate learning from this.

The course is very well taught, evidence-based, and provides plenty of opportunity to develop practical skills – this created a safe and developmental (well-structured) learning environment.”

Elizabeth Floyer, MSc
Coping With Kids Ltd
Self-employed trainer and manager

Celia Griver

“I think the course gives a good grounding in the theory and how to apply it. Personally I have found it empowering.

I really enjoyed the course and got exactly what I needed and wanted from it. I feel I have gained lots of new skills and strategies for working with clients (and on myself).”

Celia Griver
Officer for Organisation

Beth Schofield

“I liked the straightforward approach, and having forms of scripts as a starting point for practice.

I am glad to be liberated from a psycho-analytic approach or non-directive approach. It was good to see why these are not helpful as I had previously been led to believe.

I would definitely recommend this course to others – it’s very engaging, and there’s lots of practice. It’s focused on application within a practice, and is therefore practical and effective. I have heard of many of these techniques before but now I understand how to apply them. Thank you.”

Beth Schofield MB ChB, MRCGP
General Practitioner

Majella Fagan

“The course is professional, well presented, clear. I learnt a lot about myself. It provided a new way of gaining insight through hypnotherapy – I was surprised by fears, issues, etc. But best of all was learning ways to deal with them: great mechanisms to liberate self and others.

This is a superb, high-standard, well-taught professional training. I searched for many years and definitely chose the best training. It is accessible for all levels of competence and complete beginners. Thank you so much.”

Majella Fagan
Holistic Therapist and Teacher