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Stress, resilience and self-care skills for you and your loved ones

Recordings for the following webinars will be available shortly.

The Learn to Cope webinar series will be happening from just before New Year through into early January, and you can tune into as many of the free 1-hour webinars as you like, and bring your friends, family and colleagues.

These are entirely free and offered to all members of the public as support during these changing and challenging times.

You can register for the first three webinars using the buttons below. This page will be updated with the confirmed times and dates of the upcoming webinars (on the week starting 4th January 2021) – so keep an eye on this page for the registration links.

Previous webinars in the series….

Coping with Covid: Part 1 – flexibility and ease in the present moment

Broadcast on Tuesday 29th December 2020

The first webinar in the series will focus on teaching you some applicable skills to cope with the anxiety, stress and uncertainty we are all experiencing right now. I’ll teach you techniques (and we’ll practise them in the webinar) to help let go of plans and ‘shoulds’, as well as accept and be flexible in the present moment. An important part of adapting and coping is taking care of ourselves – and we’d like to help you with this by teaching and encouraging you to practise effective and applicable self-regulation techniques.

Coping with Covid: Part 2 – the flexibility of living your values

Broadcast on Wednesday 30th December 2020

In the second of the Learn to Cope series, we’ll consolidate the self-care techniques taught in the first webinar and we’ll also discuss the importance of values and resilience during this period.

At the moment there are gaps in our lives because we can’t plan for the future. And while this is frustrating, it also provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the present, and what we truly want to do in terms of our values – in both the present and future. We have a window of opportunity to be creative about how we think about our lives.

We’ll also discuss how it’s possible to live in accordance with our values despite restrictions; and how this may mean, in a collective sense, breaking apart previous ‘structures’ and achieving community in new ways.

Reasons to be Hopeful! New Year’s Day Webinar broadcast

Broadcast on 8pm GMT Friday 1st January 2021

Our first webinar of the New Year will focus on HOPE, and how to cultivate it at this time.

It is natural and easy for us to feel worried and concerned about the future, and even have a sense of hopelessness right now. And yet, if we look more carefully, we can already see many good things coming out of this crisis, many causes for hope for the future. What is the nature of hope? What is the function of hope?  What is the relationship between hope, imagination, hypnosis and expectancy? What happens when we lose hope?
What is the relationship between empathy and hope?

In this webinar we’ll answer these and many other questions:

Are we going to be pessimistic or optimistic? Can we have a realistic optimism that helps? What story do we want to tell in the end?

Ultimately this is about learning to lean on the incredible sense of altruism and community that is unique to our species: how to identify the positive and do more of it to impact future implications.

Learn to Relax and Not Worry, with Louise Coyle

Broadcast on Tuesday 12th January 8pm GMT

Louise Coyle, one of the College supervisors/tutors, will be leading a free workshop on how to relax and not worry.  Louise will be giving guidance and key tips, and take attendees through the experience of relaxation as a skill they can learn and use – and specifically how to use that to reduce the time spent on worry or experiencing anxiety.

The workshop will conclude with a mini-guided hypnosis experience where you will be guided to imagine using this new skill in daily life and how beneficial that would be.

About Louise

Before becoming a hypnotherapist, Louise worked as a medical journalist, helping doctors and the public understand advances in new medicines and diseases.She is fascinated by progress in treating disease and keeping people well and in her role as a hypnotherapist, helps people learn and use this highly effective skill to achieve change.

Louise’s website is Changing Times Hypnotherapy.

Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety with Celia Griver

Broadcast on Thursday 4th February 8pm GMT 

Celia Griver is a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist with experience in international development organisations and also in the NHS as a behavioural change counsellor. Celia’s webinar will be focused on coronavirus anxiety – what it is, its different forms and how it affects us.

Join Celia’s webinar to discuss and learn about:

  • What anxiety is and how it affects us
  • How to recognise anxiety symptoms
  • The cycle of anxiety
  • Different ways to break the cycle of anxiety
  • Easy to use coping skills for anxiety

You’ll leave Celia’s webinar with practical skills and techniques to help yourself and others with coronavirus-related anxiety. The webinar is open to all members of the public, so please do pass on the registration link to anyone you think would benefit at this time.

Celia’s website is blossomhypnotherapy.com

Helping parents cope – Parts 1 & 2, with Emma Coffey

Broadcast on Tuesday 9th February 8pm GMT

This webinar has been rescheduled (original date 26th January) and is now taking place on the 9th February 2021 at 8pm.

‘Helping Parents Cope’ is a two-part webinar series by Emma Coffey, who specialises in therapy for children and young people. Emma will be talking about how to cope with the challenges of parenting at this time, and how to help children and young people who may be particularly struggling.

Lockdown undoubtedly presents many challenges for both children and parents. The distinction between the spheres of ‘home life’ and ‘school life’ has been completely turned on its head, and with that have come many shifts in the way we parent our children. In this webinar, Emma will be talking about how we can cope with the unique struggles that both children/teenagers and parents are currently facing, and we’ll discuss communication, problem-solving and stress management strategies that can help us work through them.

There will also be a Q&A element to the webinar so you can ask Emma any questions you may have about this topic.

To watch Helping Parents Cope Part 1 please see the on-demand link at the bottom of the page.

About Emma

Emma offers individually tailored support for children, young adults and parents drawing on CBH approaches. Emma uses an integrated approach incorporating traditional CBT and Hypnotherapy methods with mindfulness, relaxation techniques, play, games, digital media, art and storytelling.

Emma has a background in teaching, education and training having worked as a teacher and for organisations including ChildLine and TeachFirst. In 2016 Emma made the transition to therapeutic practice when she was awarded the James Braid scholarship to train with us.

Emma’s website is Emma Coffey Therapy.

If you have any questions about the webinar series, please contact Clare Lonsdale at clare@ukhypnosis.com.